9 thoughts on “Getting on with it: A mother and business woman living with MS

  1. Hi Rachael thanks for sharing your story. I turned 50 in April 2005 and was diagnosed with MS in June not a nice present, but as you I have learned to live with it. If one can be lucky my children were 20 and 17, with a great family great friends and a positive attitude this makes dealing with MS easier. Having MS is hard, last year my wonderful caring husband was Diagnosed with Parkinson so we are in this together. Stay well and enjoy life ?

    1. I’m sorry to hear not only about you but also about your husband…
      I wish you both the best of everything…
      Keep fighting…
      I’ll be right there fighting with you XX

  2. My beautiful friend you are AMAZING!! Your strength, determination and love of life are things I have admired in your for over 20 years, but never so much as right now! You are inspiring. I love you so much and we are all hear for you … we will spin that wheelchair into the most awesome donuts if that’s where this journey takes you. But I know there’s no way in hell you will go down without a fight. Love you forever and always xxxxx

  3. It was really nice to read your story and see how positive you are. I am in a similar position to you with a 3 year old, 6 year old, work 3 days plus run my business on the side. People always put doubts in my head that i do too much, shouldn’t work and slow down on the exercise but like you until i can’t i don’t want to stop. I also did the ms walk with my kids and this yr i will do this again but have set the goal to run it too. Thanks again for being brave to share. Has put more confidence in myself to keep going. Best wishes

  4. Rachael,
    You were a year above me at primary school and Matt was 2 years ahead of me at high school. I was made aware of this article after a mutual friend shared the story on their Facebook page.
    My mum was diagnosed with MS when I was 15. Your words were moving and really struck a cord with me. I will never forget the night it all started for us, and the journey that has since followed to get mum where she is today. As you mentioned, the weather has a big impact on mums symptoms, it meant that she moved to Canberra for 10 years to escape the heat here in Sydney. Mum is not medicated for her MS, she manages her symptoms much as you mentioned, by being aware of the condition, being in tune with her own body and making needed changes in her daily life to be more comfortable. For her that meant tiling her living areas, and whole house air conditioning (to keep her place cool and insulated), hand rails in wet areas and the like. As a family we too actively participate in MS fundraising. We attend the walk and my husband for 10+ years has rode in the Sydney to the gong ride.
    Again, your article was well written and obviously written from the heart. Enjoy every day, try not to let the condition define you, instead you define the condition. Mum is now well into her 50’s and has made it her mission to travel the world independently for the last 4 years… There are no barriers for you, or your family. All the best xx

    1. Sorry, I also wanted to mention in terms of work and driving. Mum since diagnosis found it easier to reduce her hours to part time, obviously after diagnosis mum still had a mortgage so it was a little harder back then. To compensate it was suggested that mum claim part pension (disability). It meant that she wasn’t pushing herself past the limit her body was putting on her. Also, mum applied for a disability parking permit. Sure people look at her when she gets out of the car after paring in a disabled spot… Symptoms of MS. Aren’t necessarily able to be visualised (pardon the pun). Some days mum isn’t able to walk long distances, if she is having a good day she will park in a standard spot, but never feels ashamed to park in a disabled spot on those days when she knows she needs it. Xx

  5. Thanks Bec… small world hey??
    Thanks for your reply… we all have our story and everyones story is important and worth hearing… I was very lucky to share mine!
    Your Mum sounds like a brave, independent strong woman and sounds like she is well looked after…
    Thanks again for your kind words… we might bump into each other at an MS fundraiser sometime…!

  6. You are incredibly inspiring … My sister has 2 children 6 and 2 she has ms . And just had a relapse , she is so strong minded and has a wonderful attitude like you … Beautiful story

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