One thought on “Navigating life post-cancer

  1. I too have had cancer three times but I didn’t have the support from family and friends you did . Not that I don’t have family they just wasn’t there for me but I made it threw alone took myself to my chemo. And radiation my self. Now days still also living from the effects of treatments. And cannot do the things I useto.but I’m here that is a blessing.first cancer was in 2006 and so was second cancer the last cancer was in 2014 was cancer free for almost 7years thought I was safe but it can come back anytime this five year thing isn’t true so here I am living one day at a time and trying to do as much as I can which isn’t much I also have heart problems and sugar as the weight gain from chemo signed a lot of weight . Can’t walk or stand very long. I so long to be well fully so I know what your talking about may God bless you

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