3 thoughts on “The ravages of early onset Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Thank you Astrid for this interview. It was done with great sensitivity. Jurgy and Marion you were so open and honest in regard to your daily lives. Take note both of you in that you are really helping the general public, relatives and other sufferers with Dementia. I’m sure the interview will lead to a better tolerance acceptance and lack of judgement for the people who read it. I’m a nurse and I will forward this web sight .

  2. My grandmother, who raised me, has Alzheimer’s, and I saw her so many times as I read this article. This really breaks my heart, as I feel like I can feel what my grandmother feels, just a little, after reading this.

  3. Thank you for posting this interview. My father has early onset Alzheimer’s and this is like reading an extract from the daily life of my parents. I can’t believe how similar it is. It was hard to read but I’m glad I did. Increasing public awareness of neurological disease can only help those dealing with it on a daily basis. Thank you again xx

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