6 thoughts on “This is what I want you to know (and didn’t say on TV)

  1. For a different perspective, I’m pleased that the person who left the note was outraged on behalf of parking sticker holders. Most people just ignore it when an apparently hale and hearty motorist stops in a disabled parking space and sprints into the shops, without benefit of a sticker. While the person who left the note has a limited understanding of disability, maybe their heart is in the right place.

    1. The parking sticker/pass is RIGHT BY the note in the first picture. If it’s that hard for people to see a tag no wonder they do such ignorant things and can’t see when a person is having a bad time ambulating. As a person with POTS and dysautonomnia I really feel for the author here. Sometimes doing just simple things is so hard and waking around the block can put you in bed for the rest of the day. Thats POTS. Imagine how much worse adhesions on your spine must be? I know I cannot but i do have empathy and empathy here is the issue. This ableist unempathatic attitude of “at least you can walk” needs to stop. Walking does not mean you’re not having problems and pain.

  2. Ok, the note was a bit harsh but it was well intended if totally misinformed. We’ve all seen “healthy ” people take spots and think that is not fair on people who really need those spots. The same with disabled toilets… I wouldn’t have questioned a car with a sticker or permit as presumably they are hard to get?

    One thing I will.also say which may seem harsh, should you be driving at all if the MS has got that bad. You could be driving and not be able to put foot on brake in time because the signal from brain to foot doesn’t happen? I am not being discriminatory, just concerned. My sister in law has MS so I am familiar with the disease.

  3. I applaud you Justine .

    I got my 1st ms symptoms when I was 18.
    I’d been with my boyfriend for about five or so months.

    We are still together today and will both be 40 this year.

    We could only have one child and I got the Son I always wanted 🙂

    He’s 14 this year ….. How quickly time does go.

    I’ve had all of the same symptoms as you but I’ve also had four seizures .

    My ms was now secondary progressive after I woke up from an induced coma from my third seizure.

    Best of luck to you and your family xxoo

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